Upshur County Schools

B-UMS Participates in "Colton's Ride"

Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School Supports "Colton's Ride"
     Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School accepted an
invitation from a local community organization to participate in the 5th Annual
"Colton's Ride" event.  Colton Dean was an Upshur County student who lost
his life several years ago in his courageous battle against cancer.
     Colton’s last wish was that "... children in hospitals and Cancer Centers would have toys to play with and blankets to keep them warm." Colton was known to comment that he was always cold during hospital stays, treatments and procedures. 

     The toy and blanket drive began Monday, August 31st and, wasting no time, Mrs. Carol Shenuski’s 6th grade Team C students (see photo) immediately donated numerous teddy bear/blanket combinations in honor and memory of Colton. The large box behind the students is also full of student donated teddy bears and blankets.
     Colton’s Ride concludes on September 25th at which time all donated items will be collected and sent to two hospitals in the Grantsville, WV area, as well as to St. Jude's Children’s Hospital in Tennessee. Please see the posted flyer for additional details pertaining to ‘Colton’s Ride”, an event that draws participants from throughout West Virginia.
(Photo, flyer and article submitted by Barbara McVaney, Teacher at B-UMS)