Upshur County Schools

B-UMS Students Study Ancient Civilizations

    Mr. Bennett’s 7th grade World History classes were studying the ancient Sumerians.  The ancient Sumerians are credited for establishing the World's first Civilization.  One of the characteristics of being the World's first civilization is that they were the first to have a written language.  (Cuneiform)  Cuneiform means "wedge-shaped".  The ancient Sumerians wrote on clay tablets using a stylist that they carved from a reed they found along the river banks of the Tigris and Euphrates.   In past years, Mr. Bennett’s students did a Cuneiform writing activity using paper.  This year collaborative partner Mr. Lynch added a clay component to the project.  Mr. Walt Crossett, a retired Upshur County teacher, graciously donated clay to the students.  Mr. Lynch discovered that a wedge-shaped pencil top eraser worked great as a stylist.  The seventh grade students enjoyed "writing like the Sumerians".  Mr. Lynch will fire the clay tablets and then will use an aging process which will make the tablets look authentic.   Special thanks to Mr. Lynch and Mr. Crossett for partnering with the students and for donating time and materials to make the project a huge success.

Write-up submitted by Tim Bennett, Teacher at B-UMS
Photo submitted by Regina Stewart, TIS and CRT at B-UMS