Upshur County Schools

The Upshur County Solid Waste Authority Awards $1200.00 to Nine Upshur County Schools


The nine Upshur County Schools participated once again in the Authority’s “Bounty” Recycling Program this school year. Students and staff separated papers, cardboard, plastic bottles, steel cans and aluminum cans from their waste stream and processed them through the City of Buckhannon's Recycling Center.

A total of 109,000 pounds (54.5 tons) of material was recycled at an average of 28.5 pounds per student. Competition between the schools was based upon pounds per student for each school. First place went to BU High School, second place to Washington District Elementary School and third place to BU Middle School. The minimum award was $50 for each participating school.

Pictured  ( l to r) are principals: Robert Wilmoth, B-U High School; Sara Stankus, Union Elementary; Rene Warner, B-U Middle School; Amanda Craig, Rock Cave Elementary; Rebecca Bowers-Call, French Creek Elementary; Jeanne Bennett, Washington District Elementary; Janet Phillips, Hodgesville Elementary; Tristen Grey, Tennerton Elementary; Susanne Spiker, Buckhannon Academy Elementary; and Burl Smith, Director UCSWA.