Upshur County Schools

ReMake Learning Week at Union Elementary

 May 9-13 was ReMake Learning week. Mrs. Keener's First Grade Class received 1,000.00 dollar grant to help share with parents and community members how learning can be remade with toys and technology. Mrs. Keener's students spent the afternoon with their parents working with iPads, laptops, Osmos and the Wonder Works Robots Dash and Dot. The students used problem solving skills to code, build intricate tangram shapes and race the robots named "Matty" and "Dasher" (by the students). The parents were amazed at the students ability to pick up the knowledge of computer coding at a young age. The students were completely submerged in the activities, helping each other and teaching the parents.

Mrs. Keener attended a training while working on her TIS Certification last spring. She knew the first graders would love the work but wasn't sure of their ability to do it independently. The students participated in the hour of code in December with their 4th grade buddies and Mrs. Keener learned the students could do it independently because they taught the 4th graders how to do it! Their problem solving skills have increased significantly!

It has been a lot of fun. The grant received was spent on WeDo2.0 Legos which haven't arrived yet, but hopefully will soon. Its important to give kids real life situations with objects they know how to manipulate. Kids have always been creative and beautiful thinkers. You just have to give the opportunity with objects they understand like toys i. e. robots and Legos.
This event was made possible in part to a grant received from EDUAlliance.