Upshur County Schools

VIP Luncheon at Hodgesville Elementary

VIPs are visiting Hodgesville Elementary School monthly for a special luncheon. Students in grades 3, 4, and 5 sign up for a random drawing to participate in a “5 Star” dining experience. A male and female role model visit the school at lunchtime and four lucky boys and girls join the VIPs.

The VIP students greet the guests and invite them to journey down the red carpet to lunch. Once at the table, students and guests use their best manners while enjoying luxurious dinnerware with the school lunch. Students have the opportunity to learn proper table etiquette from the adults as well as to carry on conversations with a positive role model.

The goal of the program is to inspire students to put forth their best effort in everything they do and to learn about success from people they can look up to who live in our community. Students ask questions and are encouraged to set goals and strive to meet them. As Reverend Rodney Heckert says, "In life there's a lot of those awkward moments where you're gonna be with strangers and learning to speak out and interact and address them is important.”

Recent VIP guests include Mr. Roy Wager, Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Suzanne Bohman, WV Elementary School Counselor of the Year, Rev. Rodney Heckert, Mrs. Jody Johnson, Director of Federal Programs, Mr. Tristan Gray, Principal of Tennerton Elementary School, and Ms. Mendy Stewart, Director of Special Education.

Students and adults are enjoying the experience and eagerly await the next month’s luncheon.