Upshur County Schools

Pre-K registration forms and K-12 enrollment forms

2018-19 Upshur County Kindergarten Enrollment and Pre-Kindergarten Registration Information

Bring the following information to the school in your attendance area:
o Birth certificate issued by the state (Not a hospital or county issued
birth certificate; the state issued certificate will have a birth
number in the upper right hand corner.)
o Immunization record (obtain from your child’s physician)
o HealthCheck form (obtain from your child’s physician)
o Verification of a dental exam (Upshur County dentists have been
provided with a form to use, and it is available in the enrollment
forms online at

Click the links below for the complete registration packets.
For additional questions, you may contact:
Jody Johnson (kindergarten information) at 304-472-5480 ext. 1070,
Lori Woods (pre-k information) at 304-472-5480 ext.1043.