Upshur County Schools

Rock Cave Elementary: Building Community Partnerships event

Rock Cave Elementary recently teamed with Banks District Fire Department for a parent/community activity. This "Building Community Partnerships" event brought WVDNR fish biologist Jim Walker, NRP Sargent Spangler and NRP Officer Rumney, WVU Extension Office Craig Presar and B-U 4-H Archery and Air Rifle Club leaders Russ Warner, Wayco Vaughn, Dave Riffle and Brad Hoover to our school.


Rock Cave families enjoyed a pizza dinner sponsored by Banks District and also received a tour of the building and trucks. They returned to school and participated in 3 stations.


These activities brought families together with members of our community to encourage outdoor recreation and supporting the love of nature. All families received a $50.00 gift certificate to either Anderson's Outdoors, McFly Outfitters and Walmart. It was a great evening with beautiful weather!

Submittec by: Amanda Craig