Upshur County Schools

WVSBA Awards $546,164.00 for the Site Drainage and Foundation Shoring Project at Tennerton Elementary School

Official Press Release

Tennerton, West Virginia

The Upshur County Board of Education received an awarded totaling $546,164.00 from the West Virginia School Building Authority (WVSBA). This award is for the Site Drainage and Foundation Shoring Project for Tennerton Elementary School.  A funding award presentation is scheduled for Thursday, October 18th, at 1:00 pm at Tennerton Elementary in Buckhannon, WV in Upshur County.

Mr. Ted Schriver, architect overseeing the project, provided an overview of the work to be completed, stating,“Tennerton Elementary has experienced drainage problems for several years. This project has been developed to improve issues related to water “ponding” around the school which has started to impact life safety. To correct the problem, a storm water capturing, holding and retention system will be put in place to discharge the water into the current piping system. The life safety component of this project addresses site drainage; which in turn, will stop the water infiltration into the masonry walls to stop the movement of floors.”

Dr. Sara Lewis Stankus Superintendent of Schools added, “It’s a great day for Upshur County Schools!  Tennerton Elementary was built in 1958 and it evokes a sense of pride for the Tennerton Community and Upshur County.   Dr. Sara Stankus, superintendent remarked that "Our school buildings must stand the test of time, the monies from the SBA grant have been a true blessing!  These buildings house our most precious members of the Upshur County Community, our children.” 

Mr. Tristen Gray, Principal of Tennerton Elementary Elementary noted the impact the completed project will have on the students, staff and Tennerton school community, stating, “Once the project is complete our students will have the opportunity to do more activities on that end of the building. I can foresee tables and other items being put in that area for classes to use. We are lucky at Tennerton to have so much open space on the playground and by the maintenance building. When this project is completed the school will have an additional lot for students and staff to utilize.” 

The School Building Authority was created in 1989 by the West Virginia Legislature to address the educational planning and school construction needs of the state in an efficient and economical manner.  The Legislature also created a state funding mechanism that would assist local boards of education in the construction and renovation of new and existing facilities.  West Virginia Code 18-9D established legislation that created a governing board made up of citizens, State Board of Education members and members of the construction trades industry to oversee the program and create policies and procedures for the governance of the School Building Authority (SBA) and staff. 

  “The School Building Authority is empowered to facilitate and provide state funds for 
the construction and maintenance of school facilities to meet the educational needs 
of the people of the state in an efficient and economical manner.” 
(WV State Code 18-9D)

 The School Building Authority is funded annually by the West Virginia Legislature using a portion of the General State Revenue, Lottery Funds, and Excess Lottery Funds. Construction Funds are created from General Revenue and the annual sale of capital improvement bonds. 

Since its inception, the SBA has partnered with counties to provide over $3,200,000,000(billion) in funding for construction projects across all 55 counties in West Virginia.