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Alternative Education Programs

The Upshur County Alternative School is now a day time program. This program is located at an off campus location on the Fred Eberle Technical Center property. The Alternative School serves behaviorally at-risk students that are expelled and/or have repeated violations of policies and procedures and have been placed through the Board of Education or Superintendent recommendation.

Staff: Paul Bohman

Phone: 304-472-5892



The Upshur County Transitional School is also a day time program. This program is located at an off campus location on the Fred Eberle Technical Center property. The Transitional School serves academically at-risk students that are at risk of dropping out of school. The referral process begins at the high school through the counseling department. Please speak with your child’s school counselor to see if they are a candidate for this program.

Staff: Mike Hinkle and C.Mateal Poling

Phone Number: 304-472-6385


The Option Pathway Program is another alternative program that operates on the regular school schedule. This program is located on the Fred Eberle Technical Center property. The Option Pathway is designed for students who have failed major core courses and are in the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade. A second-semester junior or a senior must already be enrolled in and passing a CTE pathway unless the school has a CTE pathway that requires only one year to complete.

Students will earn a high school diploma and be counted as a graduate if they:

  • Attend a TASC Option Pathway classes and pass the TASC Tests as given.
  • Per Policy 2510, the Option student must successfully complete the four courses of an approved State Department Career Technical Education (CTE) program of study or complete a local concentration approved by the County Board of Education consisting of four related courses correlating to the student's Personalized Education Plan (PEP). Students must also complete any other CTE requirements outlined in Policy 2510.

The Option Team is responsible for properly screening students for the program and make county decisions on matters pertaining to the Option Pathway and students enrolled in the program. Please speak your student’s high school counselor to discuss if this program is an option for your child.

Staff: Christina Waybright

Phone: 304-472-1259 extension 3621