S. Marteney

Stacy Marteney

Virtual Learning Coordinator

304.472.5480 ext. 1029


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My name is Stacy Marteney and I am the Virtual Learning Coordinator for Upshur County Schools. I am a native of Upshur County and a graduate from Buckhannon-Upshur High School. I am married to John Marteney and together we have three daughters.

I have worked in Upshur County Schools for 23 years. I spent 14 years as a 4th grade teacher at Hodgesville Elementary and 9 years as a special education teacher at Buckhannon-Upshur Middle School. Next year will make my second year as Virtual Learning Coordinator.

I am excited to be partnered with Stride, K12 to provide students the unique opportunity of virtual learning. Our courses are provided through Stride’s website and our teachers provide quality instruction and opportunities to our students . As Virtual Learning Coordinator, I am your local support for virtual learning. I am also a liaison for families with Stride. I work closely with the school system to allow virtual students opportunities to participate in various activities that occur within the schools.

Our virtual elementary program is highly successful. Students have access to both online and offline materials in grades K-5. Our middle school and high school programs are fully online. The high school platform gives students access to courses that may not be available in a brick and mortar setting.