Our students are valuable and important to us as well as to you as parents.  Regular attendance and arriving to school on time are vital to a student's success in school.  We need your help by making every effort to have your child in school every day.  


West Virginia has mandatory attendance laws that require regular school attendance by all students (WV Code 18-8-1a). 

  • Absences are excusable for specific reasons

  • A note is required when returning to school

  • Students are responsible for make up or schoolwork during absence

  • Tardiness will be handled according to the procedures and/or rules established by each school

See attendance policy below:

The WVBOE recognized that driving a vehicle is a privilege and that WV Code 18-8-11 requires students at least fifteen but less than eighteen years of age to maintain specified driver eligibility requirements related to school attendance, personal behavior and academic progress in order to  obtain and maintain a West Virginia license or instruction permit for the operation of a motor vehicle.