January 15, 2021                                                                                                        Press Release

Upshur County Schools Continue with Blended and Remote Learning 

On January 19, 2021, Upshur County Schools will begin the second semester with the continuation of blended and remote learning. As we begin the second semester of teaching and learning, we want to express our appreciation to our families for their support and dedication to our students. We are prepared to continue with the business of teaching and learning and are moving forward with our expectations and positive mindset. 

Upshur County Schools continue to offer three methods of instruction: blended, full-remote, and virtual learning. The Blended instruction (two-day in-person) and full-time remote instruction models offer opportunities for students to be taught by Upshur County teachers.  Virtual Learning students are instructed by teachers through the West Virginia Learns platform. 

Upshur County teachers are dedicated to the success of all students and continue to improve upon high-quality instructional practices. Throughout the remainder of the school year, teachers will utilize the following guidelines to further support students participating in remote learning. Teachers will: 

  • provide weekly schedules for families and students.
  • provide instructional Teams meetings. 
  • limit the amount of assignments and/or grades to 9 per quarter
  • provide feedback for assignments and grades within 1-3 days of the assigned due date. 
  • clearly identify ungraded or practice assignments.
  • provide 24 hours’ notice of any schedule changes.
  • respond to electronic communication within 24 hours, or within the next workday. 

As we move forward, we ask for continued support and cooperation to ensure academic success. Families and students will: 

  • check Schoology accounts daily.
  • complete all assignments each week.
  • join and participate in scheduled Teams meetings. 
  • regularly communicate with teachers regarding any questions or concerns related to student coursework, grades, etc.
  • check grades and notifications (teacher comments) weekly.
  • respond to teacher comments, messages, and emails.

Only through the continued support and dedication of our community and families will we be Upshur Strong.